“The lessons, both mentally and physically that I learned while Kristy’s program have helped me to continue my journey with no fear of yo-yo dieting ever again. I am not on a diet. This is a new lifestyle. I have finally taken control of my weight, and my life. This would never have happened without the structure of the program, and the support from everyone in the office.”

– P.S.

“Coming back from cancer, I’m working full -time with a part-time job on the side, and taking on long overdue projects to get my house and yard back in shape after neglecting them for almost two years. I couldn’t do what I’m doing today if it weren’t for the personalized program from Kristy”

“It was a great experience and it changed my life. Now to date I’m down 21 pounds and going. They encourage me every day and are always by my side and excited when I lose even a pound. It’s a great program and I’m glad I did it.”

– B.M.

“The best news pertained to my medications….I went from 65 units of insulin per night to 24, reduced dosages on two medications and quit one altogether. My diabetic care physician was so amazed at my results that she herself checked out the website during my consultation. I now have a roadmap for reducing and quitting more medications. I cannot express enough what a positive impact this program has had on my health and vitality.”

– R.D.

“Arthritis pain… Gone. Stomach problems…gone. Sinus problems…mostly gone. Energy…increased. Weight loss…13 lbs. in 30 days. Now I’m a believer and I’m on my second 30 day program. Go ahead be skeptical, but you’ll be convinced as I was in only two weeks.”

– J.B.

“My heart was renewed with a desire to be in a body that was healthy, full of energy, and functioned as it should: weight loss became a perk rather than a focus.”

“With the support and guidance from the staff, I was able to complete the 35 day candida cleanse program and today, my fibromyalgia aches are just about non-existent and I feel more energetic and healthier than I have in over 3 years AND I lost close to 20 pounds in the process!!”

– A.M.